Friday, May 1, 2009

Making your SharePoint environment ready for Silverlight development

SharePoint and Silverlight can be integrated together to provide an interactive user experience. The data within SharePoint and various LOBs can be delivered to the end user in a compelling manner using Silverlight.

But making SharePoint Server 2007 environment ready for Silverlight development is a bit challenging and a time consuming process. There are several updates and components needed on the development machine before you can actually begin Silverlight development. For instance, to see a Silverlight application in action on a SharePoint Web page proper configurations need to be made in the web.config of the Web application.

To address the same challenges,
Advaiya has developed a tool Advaiya Development Scanner which analyzes a target machine for the necessary components, and reports what is already installed and what needs to be installed or updated in order to support Silverlight 2.0 development. Along with this it also makes the necessary web config modifications on the targeted Web applications.

The demo of the tool can be seen
here in action.

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