Tuesday, January 7, 2014

SharePoint Picture Editor - An HTML 5 Image Editing SharePoint App

Finally I got my first SharePoint app published on the MSDN code gallery today!. It's called as the , "Share Picture Editor"

SharePoint Picture Editor is an HTML 5 based application (SharePoint hosted) that enables the end user to select an image and perform basic image editing operations without the need to install or use any image editor. Later the edited image can be saved back to the same or a different picture library on SharePoint or can be downloaded locally. 
The app enables the following set of functionalities:

  1. Right from within the app, browse and select an image by either browsing the parent web’s picture libraries, capture from the device’s web cam, or browse/drag-drop image from the file system.
  2. Leverage the new HTML 5 capabilities such as Canvas for performing image editing operations like drawing object, lines, color pallet, cropping image, adding image effects etc…
  3. Save the edited image back to the source library or into some other picture library on the host Web or allows to download the edited image
  4. The app also installs a couple of custom actions on the parent site’s Picture Libraries to assist quick image selection and editing (and app launching) via ECB or File Ribbon.
  5. Capture geolocation data from the image binary (if available) or reading it using the browser’s capability and post the same to the host SharePoint library (if Geolocation is field is preset in target library).
  6. Support for client side image scaling (renditions).
  7. Support for Touch enabled devices like tablets/phone etc..

The App can be downloaded from here


  1. Bonjour;
    je suis actuellement entrain d'implémenter l'app SharePoint Picture Editor dans mon projet SharePoint dans un sous site, ce qui fonctionne plus tôt très bien.
    cependant je voudrais pouvoir faire de traduction en fonction de la culture et de la langue de l'environnement de l'utilisateur. J'ai essayé l'usage des fichiers ressources dans le projet puis dans la feature mais ça ne marche pas (exemple : http://msdn.microsoft.com/fr-fr/library/vstudio/ee703774(v=vs.110).aspx)
    Alors est ce que quelqu'un pourrait me donner un coup de main sur cette globalisation/localisation pour cette application sharepoint.
    merci d'avance


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